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"Start earning cash in as little as 30 days using the 4 easy to learn strategies I use daily to buy real estate with no money out of pocket, no credit, & very little risk. No prior experience needed."


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This introductory video course teaches you all about the current opportunity in Real Estate and walks you through the basics of how to take advantage of it.

What You Will Learn In The Resourceful Real Estate Academy Audio Course

Overview & Opportunity

Learn what's going on in the market today and why it's the perfect time to be investing in creative no-money down real estate deals

Building A Successful Foundation

Every real estate entrepreneur needs a solid foundation upon which to build their investing career. Fabian teaches everything you need to know before you get started.

Finding Deals & Buyers

The key to success in this business is being able to find deals and hook those deals up with buyers. Fabian teaches his best deal sourcing and buying finding secrets.

Tactics & Strategies

After you have the deal and the buyer, you need to put the deal together in a way that doesn't cost you any out-of-pocket money. Learn three ways you can do that.

Virtual Due Diligance

Due diligence is your risk mitigation. Learn how to really check up on your properties so you can find real value to sell to your buyers every time.

Blueprint For Success

Fabian lays out an exact path to follow to reach whatever income goal you desire, wether that's 10K, 100K, or 1 Million in your first year.

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World Renowned Economic Forecaster

Built One Of The Nations Top Private Equity Firms

His Websites See Over 40,000 Visitors Every Month

His Podcast Reaches More Than 1,000 Listeners Every Day


In-Demand Speaker Around The World For His Real Estate Teachings

His Alternative Media Channel Has Over 40,000 Subscribers & More Than 5,000,000 Views

His Company “The Note House” Has Closed More Than $100,000,000 In Real Estate Transactions

See How These No-Money Down Real Estate Transaction Work With Our Case Studies

Simultaneous Closing

Learn how you can do a deal with No Money out of pocket by leveraging the power of a same day close to have your buyer pay for the property

Note Sale

Learn How You Can Access Great Deals By Buying A Distressed Mortgage Note & Working Out Deal With The Owner.

2-Day Close

Learn How Your Can Leverage "Dough For A Day" To Buy Properties & Turn Them Around In 24 Hours or Less.